Sirius radio stuck on updating channels

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Another bet Patrick made was with the rap star Nelly, where Nelly said the St.

Louis Rams would win the Super Bowl in 2007, while Patrick had the field.

I bought a 2006 330xi, new, with sirius preinstalled.

I had the radio activated at the time of purchase, and have been using it since without incident.

At any rate, I'd suggest you try deleting the presets and then re-entering them. I try that on my 530 too and let you report back: I tried to do what eelton suggested, without luck. I didn't know of a way to 'wipe out' my presets, so I just reassigned each one to some random station, then tried reassigning them back. I had my Progman software updated a few weeks ago, which wiped out all of my presets.For example, in January 2006, Patrick made a bet with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, where if Warner got the Cardinals to the Super Bowl by 2008, then Patrick would personally campaign for Warner to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Warner took Arizona to the Super Bowl in the 2008 NFL season, and would later be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017).Patrick takes pride in that he does not allow guests to come on the show if it is agreed off-air he can only ask certain questions on-air.BUT, over the last few years, sirius has canceled some channels or moved others around.While I can hear the channel on it's new frequency, AND see the correct song on the PDT, the name of the channel is incorrect.

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