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In the Japanese, German, and Italian versions, the Caladbolg is called Ultima Weapon, in the Spanish it is called Arma Artema (Artema being the name given to the Ultima spell and arma meaning weapon) and is simply called Ultima in the French version.

The Sun Crest is found at a place called The Beyond in Zanarkand Dome after defeating Yunalesca.

To obtain it, the player must go to Remiem Temple and race the champion chocobo there.

They cannot be customized, as additional abilities are automatically granted to the weapon by powering it up with a crest (always as first upgrade) and a sigil.Getting the weapons themselves will trigger the trophy without the need of powering them up with the crests and sigils.Celestial Weapons are unique in that simply finding them is not enough, as the weapons require a crest and a sigil to unlock their auto-abilities.The player does not need to have both the crest and sigil at the same time to power up a weapon, but it will not reach its full strength or have access to all its abilities until both are used.Though the player can obtain the crests and sigils without it, the Celestial Weapons cannot be obtained at all until the player has the Celestial Mirror.

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