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Shes veryvery willling to obey me but only problem is her phone cant download like skype or google hangout.

I need to find a free site or software where she can use her iphone and camup/micup with me for free.. So this girl Sexy Britney Xo is apparently a uber mega camwhore who is notorious for not actually being live but looping videos of herself while camwhoring it up.

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shes very willing and open and i wanna make her my camwhore first then real life shit. I'll spend like three hours searching, and call it a success if I find one chick I've never seen before (young chick..18 year old grandmas). I use skype, anyone interested i'll leave my name for you The stupidest motherfuckers on earth. There are lots of these stupid sites, but this one really is a glaring example of how pathetically fucking stupid and lame most men have become. Gone are those moments when they used to have the balls to approach living breathing women, if they ever had moments like that at all. These chicks just sit there and the tips keep coming.

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