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People have become less vigilant with their social posts, resulting in a "general attitude" that they no longer need to conform to proper spelling or correct their grammatical mistakes.Children today don't spell as well as previous generations and, on the whole, the Internet is making writing worse.By giving the ability to block and 'unfriend' users, social networks do not necessarily encourage positive discourse between people with differing opinions.Social networking, with the noted exception of professional networks like Linked In, is mostly geared toward personal use as a casual, leisurely activity.The risks associated with using social networks are well-documented.

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Many stories have been shared online about people who have been fired from their jobs for social media posts in which they complain about a manager, make negative remarks about how the company is run or unwittingly reveal company secrets.A study by the University of Maryland revealed that 18% of users cannot go more than a "few hours" without checking Facebook and nearly two-thirds feel compelled to check at least once a day.The majority of Americans say they go online to be entertained and not for something necessary.The instant communication of social networking sites is very similar to that of texting and instant messengers.As a result, people are more inclined to use the same kind of short-hand abbreviations and 'net-speak' that can drive others crazy.

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