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The Guidance Center has a continuum of care that includes intensive outreach services through our Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team, Dialectical Behavioral Treatment, traditional outpatient care with individual and group therapy, case management, medication management, supported employment, and skill building activities in the community. Complete the my Strength sign-up process with a brief Wellness Assessment and personal profile. Services include peer-led educational workshops and other recovery-oriented learning activities. Our team of highly qualified staff provide services for adults and adolescents experiencing difficulties directly related to drug and/or alcohol use and dependency.The Guidance Center provides both adult and adolescent outpatient and intensive outpatient services as well as individual and group therapy.In the machining and repair of any rotating equipment, precision is critical to maintaining a balanced system.Unbalanced systems wear quicker, perform less efficiently, and ultimately fail faster than properly operating motors.

Repair capabilities include machining, dynamic load testing, and rewinding services, all of which are backed by an ISO 9008 quality certification.Our philosophy is to system test all items in "real world" applications to verify proper operation when units are sent to our valued customers all around the globe. At K S we provide complete repair of virtually all electronic equipment used in the aerospace, automotive, food processing, tire, and other manufacturing industries.Our extensive capabilities include the analysis, repair, exchange, and rebuilding of drives, monitors, robotic controls and teach pendants, and welding equipment.Multiple testing methods are used to replicate realistic factory conditions to ensure that all equipment will function as specified when returned to the customer. For additional information about our electronic repair services, see the table below, or contact us directly.Less As the use of CNC machining and fabrication equipment has become ubiquitous in the manufacturing industry, our team at K S has led the way in the diagnostics and repair of CNC components and accessories.

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