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Tills yuar I axa housing about 300 birds for layers.

All of them are Single Comb V/liite Leghorns, • I'm. ' • ^ P Y F I ' V £ D 0:: HHODS ISL^'D 4-H CLIB ^OBK i ! DT'or-.'-.'-ici ut Acriotiituio A radio talk Dy Dagny E.

certainly- pleased to have this opportunity to briiig "a' New Year greeting from Phode Island U-H members to all ^-H Club members who are listen- ■ ing in, especially those from every State v/hom v/e met at the National ^-H Club Congress in Chicago. Olsson, Kent Coimty, Rhodie Island, de- • ■ ; livered thrcogh Station T7JZ and 37 other stations associated^ wi t Ti t"'^iia"i7 i national Sroadcasting Con^any, Janiaary 4, 1930.. I"-ode Island a-ppreciates the great honor of "being represented on this -orogram and' in "behalf of Rhode Island's 3000 4-H Club leaders and members I wish to extend to.

w'e aim to develop "Clean, Quick Hinds in Clean, Strong Bodies".■ "This took the lif e; 'out of me^.:f or awhile and when it Was time for the next Casp -Edwards: 1 had to sit back, and . -Our aim' is to see hov; many new cluhs v/e Can organize and carry through -the year .se.e the other members of m^/" x;lub attend without me. A^ ' each- meeting everj^ raemher re- ports on the progress' in their respective communities a,nd the plans they have for the future in club v/ork. This orgiiniza^tion in many re Speicts is like our County Peppers. :■ :], ■■■■■■■■ ..o-: In Club v/ork there is plenty of computitien. The follov/ing June I v;as chosen to represent oijr club, kno'. The aut^jmn of 1929 I kad the opportunity to attend Camp "ail. Tlie next winter I housed 195 pullets and by spring with what I had culled and sold I had one hundred good hens left for breeding.

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