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The population of the South West region is actually 5,289,000 according to the 2011 census and that places the region 6th out of the 9 regions in terms of population, so a region of low population density, when compared to much of the rest of England.

The more rural aspects of the region is taken into account with regards to the dating advice we give below.

“With traffic volumes rising and several recent serious accidents involving roadside assistance patrols and breakdown contractors we need motorists to consider a new approach to how they drive past stricken vehicles, drivers and passengers, and those working in vulnerable locations.” The RAC wants drivers to slow down, make space by moving over to the right in their lane – or change lanes if it is safe - and move on once past the scene, rather than rubbernecking.

“Until you find yourself stood or working on the hard shoulder it’s impossible to comprehend just how frightening it can be and what it feels like when cars and lorries are passing you at high speeds,” said Steve.

Shocked, Andrew went to help the unconscious RAC member and called the emergency services.The timescape cosmology was found to give a slightly better fit to the largest supernova data catalogue than the ΛCDM cosmology.Unfortunately the statistical evidence is not yet strong enough to rule definitively in favour of one model or the other, but future missions such as the European Space Agency's Euclid satellite will have the power to distinguish between the standard cosmology and other models, and help scientists to decide whether dark energy is real or not.The previous debate pitted the standard Lambda Cold Dark Matter (ΛCDM) cosmology against an empty universe whose expansion neither accelerates nor decelerates.Both of these models though assume a simplified 100 year old cosmic expansion law—Friedmann's equation.

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