Spragga benz and foxy brown dating

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When no one even knew that unmarried Foxy was expecting, Wendy Williams broke the news about the birth of a baby girl on March 2, 2017, during the opening segment of her daytime talk show.

She said- “No word on exactly who the baby’s father is but allegedly it’s a reggae star and I’m not going to say his name because I think that me and Foxy have some sort of relationship, and the bureau does have a working telephone,” she explained.

Here are some of the surprising reactions to the arrival of Foxy’s baby: A Brooklyn native Foxy Brown previously dated Kurupt in late nineties.

After dating each other for several months, Kurupt proposed Foxy with a 4.5 karat emerald cut diamond ring at an intimate dinner in Philadelphia in September 1997. Caption: Foxy Brown was in a relationship with Kurupt from 1977 to 1999. I couldn’t really call her, because we can’t go five seconds without getting into a little bit of an argument.

In 2015, Brown used her Instagram page to profess her love for Spragga Benz, dubbing him as the 'only man who ever owned her heart'.

"16 years ago in Trinidad, God sent me the only man who ever owned my heart.

The two remained good friends over the years despite not being in an intimate relationship.

When she missed a court appearance, an arrest warrant was issued and she was arrested.

She eventually received a 30-day suspended sentence and was ordered to perform 80 hours of community service.

In a post made on her 39th birthday last week, Brown, for the first time since giving birth, introduced her daughter to the world via her official Instagram page. In the post before that one, Foxy Brown uploaded a video of Spragga Benz in an interview talking about her and how much he respects her character.

She simply captioned that video 'Daddy', but it was enough to send tongues wagging again, as fans offered congratulatory messages to both on their new bundle of joy.

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