Sql server updating data in a view

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Prior to SQL Server 2008 there was no in-built support to identify changed data set for incrementally pulling data from a source table and hence we had to write our own custom logic (for example by adding columns in the source table and updating it accordingly or by some other means) so that changed data sets can be identified for incremental data pull.Monitoring SSAS Includes scripts (T-SQL, CMD and XMLA) and Integration Services packages for collecting various kinds of information about an Analysis Services server.RSS Style Sheet Contains formatting definitions that can be applied to solutions such as Monitoring SSAS, to dynamically change the color of a counter when the value changes, etc.Compress Many to Many Creates a utility that helps you implements many-to-many compression techniques explained in the Query Performance Optimization Techniques white paper.May be useful in cubes that have many to many relationships, resulting in poor query performance.

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