Stop azureus vuze updating

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If it's something Azureus is programmically doing, we'd like to know so we can address it. You can get Azureus to start up with the "classic UI", and none of the Vuze interface code will be loaded at all. Instead of doing all that, we'll just point those users to this FAQ. If you can point out a valid reason why there should be separate versions, rather than just getting the user to change their interface (and living happily ever after), then maybe we'll do it (we'll certainly discuss it). The Vuze UI needs to be kept in sync with the Azureus core code itself - and if they get out of sync, you'll end up with a broken interface (which you might not be able to resolve without installing). Which, again, Azureus is - you're free to modify it.

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We hope that the new UI will one day have everything you need. It can be if you want it to be, or you can continue to use the old UI. Zudeo was too close to another name in the same market as Vuze is. The download link should fire up Azureus (or invoke it if it's already running) and pop up the Open Torrent dialog box. Since both the Vuze UI and the Classic UI use the same core code, we changed both of their versions to 3.x.x.x. Yes, the Azureus3/Vuze source is in the same location as the original Azureus2 source and remains under the same GPL2 license as it always has. Note: The installer version of Azureus 3 comes with the Vuze Terms of service, which refers to the use of Vuze Content platform/website, i.e. The client software itself is still governed by the GPL (see section 6.2).

Basically, Vuze is a friendlier skin to Azureus 2, along with integration with a web component.

The UI is intended to be simpler and will not have all the options or features available that are in Azureus 2.

It simply reads the request and returns the metadata..

much like how Winamp brings up track info about the CD you are playing.

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