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I mean, it is cool of him to go horseback riding with her but that's about it.Cuteness: 7/10This guy's clearly beautiful, but I docked a few points because he always seems to have this smug look on his face, you know? Overall Score: 9/30 Likability/Personality: 7/10He seems super laid back and adorable and sweet, which is great.They looked real cute and in love, which means he must have some boyfriend skills.Cuteness: 7/10I think he's a cutie, and I dig the 2009 shaggy hair and button up cowboy-like shirt.. Overall Score: 22/30 Likability/Personality: 8/10I think this guy seems pretty genuine, and smart, and cultured. He made Taylor believe that love could begin again.in 2007, announced their engagement in January of 2014.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tyler Hilton They held an intimate fall-themed ceremony in front of family and close friends at Triunfo Creek Vineyards with no bridesmaids or groomsmen.Boyfriend Skills: 10/10He rules this category, obviously.

So, I've decided to rank them on a very scientific scale. He walks around like he's the hottest guy in the world.And I considered the fact that he's a great friend to Taylor, which leads me to believe that if he only knew she loved him he'd be a great boyfriend to her too. Even with Romeo style sideburns and a poofy collared shirt his immaculate facial hair and perfect smile prevail.Cuteness: 9/10Tyler Hilton is beautiful in that non-overwhelming way where he looks like the hot guy you liked in high school as opposed to a model. (for more of my opinion on his hot-ness, see 'cuteness' below)Boyfriend Skills: 1/10Obviously terrible.The whole point of the video is that whatever's he's done to piss of T Swift has opened up a 'blank space' on her list of boyfriends.

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