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One is I do think it is important to recognize that when people are hooking up, when they are meeting each other online and then going home, that it is happening in an environment that has traditionally been isolated from HIV prevention messages and that whatever your perceptions are of the campaigns that are going on currently in the bars and bath houses, there are posters there; there are condoms available there; there are very visible and active campaigns happening in many communities across the U.

And at some point, in some of the communities where we were asking people online if they were aware of online HIV prevention campaigns, many of the participants said they were not aware or they had not seen them because, I mean, I think the Internet is so large that it takes a really concerted effort to make your presence known and so that when hookups are being arranged completely outside of the arena that HIV prevention campaigns have hit, I think that is worth talking about.

When it comes to online dating, the research is conclusive: Keep it simple (that’s just the data!

Every once in a while, I get a message from the wonderful world of online dating that's just too much not to be shared with all of you.

Start conversations with beautiful Russian women, tell them about yourself – let them know you.

If you’ve got mutual interests, try deeper conversations to understand if you can actually live together.

Despite my fondness for Disney movies, I'm not swept away.

Smitten with Disney: What Your Favorite Disney Prince Says About Your Love Life Which Disney Couple Are You And Your Dude?

I cropped it to protect his identity, but he signed with his full name, which I interpreted as an act of trust, of showing your full cards so to speak.

I saw that in a profile once.) His response: Really?

I grew up Orthodox, and because of my traditional upbringing, I find that I’m more comfortable with men who understand and respect my heritage.

PS: It is also important, I think, to keep in mind that these websites are businesses -- the owners are out making money.

But I really do think a lot of it is based on comfort level of perceived anonymity.

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