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I am respected by everybody that I know because I am an extremely hard worker and because I have earned a comfortable life for my family and me.Anyways, over the years my hard work has taken its toll on my body and now at the age of 45 I was realizing that I needed an employee to help me out around the shop.She had big breasts, probably DD cups and a big sexy butt.For the first time ever, I felt like fucking a girl other than my Wife.Most of them were male who were interested in the job but there were also a few girls.All of them were pretty much just interested in the money or how the experience would look on their college applications, but when I read one application, I was touched.I started squeezing her glorious ass with my hands.She thought nothing of it.“Alright here comes a customer, go help him, I will work the cash register.”The man came in and his eyes widened at the blonde bombshell that greeted him and hugged him.

” She said enthusiastically as she bent over in front of him, exposing her beautiful ass.” The man looked over at me, and I signaled for him to go head and squeeze her ass.I realized I had gotten a boner so I quickly turned around and asked her to follow me into my office in the back of the shop.I sat down and introduced myself“Hello Charlotte, I am Alexander Banks and I will be your employer.”She smiled and shook my hand“Hello Mr.My name is Alexander Banks and I own a small business that sells car parts.I am 45 years old and I have a wife and 3 beautiful children that I love very much.

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