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Robards, however, did not even file for divorce until 1792, a divorce granted the next year on grounds of his wife's infidelity and desertion of their home. In a time when a woman's reputation was of grave importance, the whispers about the Jacksons' marriage were intolerable to the future President, so the Jacksons were married or re-married in 1794. Floyd Mayweather reportedly is giving monogamy a try.The boxer with an affinity for strip clubs has been quietly dating former UK reality star Abigail “Abi” Clarke, according to The Sun.Her marriage to Robards was rocky, and she said she was thrown out of his house in 1788, while he maintained that she had abandoned him without cause.

"The events that come to campus offer opportunities to do things that I would not normally get to do. I've listened to professors from other parts of the country.

CBU offers events all year round that inspire, interest, and challenge you." "I wanted to experience life on my own at a small school.

I try to do a lot, and I think that's what they encourage here at CBU.

As his political career progressed to the US House, then Senate, and a judgeship, her alleged bigamy and his rumored seduction of a married woman were the basis of frequent fist fights with opponents, and occasional duels.

In 1806, in response to an insult about his wife's character, Andrew Jackson fought a duel with attorney Charles Dickinson, who wounded him before being shot and killed by the future President.

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