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Then there was Charles's 'private' visit to her parental home in Melbourne that became common knowledge.

A coincidence, indeed, that the paparazzi, alerted by anonymous phone calls, were outside the house on that very night.

It was as good as hanging 'by Royal appointment' over the door.

The customers flocked in, despite the barely veiled titters in the fashion industry - from where they stood, there was little class or style attached to Kanga creations.

Yet I watched her blithely sell an astonishingly awful dress, in lightweight, crushproof material that no couture house would touch with a bargepole, for a colossal sum to a highly impressionable young lady. But even then there was a gap, a painful one, between the public and private persona of Lady Tryon.

She had given herself to the Prince of Wales and he had loved her, for however brief a time, but the rules of the game were such that she couldn't shout this great triumph from the rooftops.

Four new dances were introduced to complement the large cast.

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Andrew Morton's seismic expose; Diana: Her True Story, published in 1992, first revealed Charles's lifelong craving for the horsy ex-debutante from Sussex.But the truth is, Kanga was an astute businesswoman and understood that notoriety meant money.At the time that she and Lord Tryon married in 1973, his ancestral home, the Old Manor House at Great Durnford, near Salisbury, had been handed over to a school.In fact, the rest of his family adored her too: she and Lord Tryon were invited to Balmoral, where she would ride out with the Queen.Suddenly, Kanga discovered the enormous power wielded in high society by a woman who'd become the Prince's mistress.

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