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– Community dedicated to the idea of everyone being fluent in multiple languages, teach or be taught another language with the goal of conversational fluency.

Recipe Puppy Enter in all the ingredients you can find in your kitchen, and this wonderful search engine will give you a list of all the recipes you can make with what you have.

– Learn about the world of finance, from basic terminology to in-depth analysis of various areas of investing. – Take part in a huge variety of interesting studies of nature, science, and culture.

– Free courses mainly focused around mathematics and programming. lang-8– Write posts in a language you’re trying to learn, get them critiqued by a native speaker (and in turn help that native speaker learn your language)! – Ask questions you’re curious about, answer those you’re knowledgeable about. – A fascinating collection of videos and tutorials related to maths and computer science.

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They are [...] Affirmative Action, BAMN, Dream Act, Featured, Fighting Racism, Hostile Campus Climate, Immigrants Rights, Islamophobia, Labor Movement, LGBT, Napolitano Out Now!– An educational site that works with universities to get their courses on the Internet, free for you to use.– Interesting articles guaranteed to make you smile and get you thinking.– Aggregation of articles from various higher education journals and – A huge list of awesome sites to learn from.

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