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Mr Phillip warned that attackers might appear “perfectly normal” and advised business owners and staff to trust their instincts on anything abnormal or suspicious.“We would rather know about any suspicious activity and investigate it than not know about it at all,” said Mr Philip.

“It might be part of a pattern of behaviour.”But he also sought to reassure the audience.

To identify some of these issues, a veterinarian may recommend hip, eye, and DNA tests for the dog.

Although many believe the Pembroke Welsh Corgi to be an ancient breed, outlining its origins is difficult.

“Hogmanay with 80,000 people on Princes Street with the castle as a backdrop ticks all these boxes.”The Edinburgh police adviser warned shopkeepers, hotel staff and taxi drivers at Usher Hall to be on their guard over Christmas and New Year during a routine security briefing.“It takes a lot of planning,” said Mr Philip of large-scale attacks.

“If there’s a lot of people involved in the planning process, there’s a chance some of the information leaks out and the security services can disrupt and stop the attack.”Evacuation drills and emergency procedures need to be practised, otherwise they were “just ink on paper”, he added.

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This quick-witted dog not only has an active body but an active mind.The Pembroke is fun, friendly, devoted, and willing to please.It behaves well with children, but it may nip at heels during play.The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which has an average lifespan of about 11 to 13 years, is prone to serious health concerns such as intervertebral disc disease and canine hip dysplasia (CHD), as well as minor issues like epilepsy and degenerative myelopathy.Lens luxation, von Willebrand's Disease (v WD), progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and urinary stones are also noticed in the breed on occasion.

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