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As part of today’s event, the first of its kind since 2009, investors had the chance to sample an international array of drinks in a range of North America President Jim Dinkins shared how the company is driving growth in its flagship market by building an increasingly diverse portfolio of brands and more today at the Beverage Digest “Future Smarts” conference.Dinkins, current president of the Minute Maid business May All Your Cranberries Be Sprite: How a Seasonal Brand Became a Holiday Favorite Sprite Cranberry is once again making the season merry and bright with a refreshing reminder that the holidays are here.

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The porch overlooks rolling hills, or maybe a pretty forest. Were you wondering about the view from the screened porch? There are lots of trees and every morning the deer come out of the woods to eat the treats I put out for them. We chose our home/location based on the schools since our son was in second grade. The only things I’d change (other than making it a real house and not a play house) is I’d like the windows on the front to be full length and there would probably be two of them on either side of the front door since it would be a grown-up size house. One of my most fave things about historic homes is how they always have big, beautiful windows down the sides, as well as the front. But children grow up and move away, as they should, and one day you realize you could really live anywhere. It needs a fireplace and it would be especially nice if the fireplace were designed so the master bedroom above had a fireplace, too. Together, we are making sure the collected material is recycled, even using it in our own packaging.Recycling is one of the key ways we can all help address marine litter to give packaging another life and keep it out of the environment.

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