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On 5 October 2016 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine officially recommended that its citizens avoid any type of travel to Russia or transit through its territory.The Ministry cited Russian law enforcers' growing number of groundless arrests of Ukrainian citizens who are allegedly often "rudely treated using illegal methods of physical and psychological pressure, torture and other acts violating human rights and dignity".The Russian empire considered Ukrainians (and Belarusians) a part of the Russian identity and referred to them as "Little Russians".

On 20 April 2016 Ukraine established a separate government department - the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally displaced persons.

Many countries and international organizations applied sanctions against the Russian Federation and against Ukrainian citizens involved in and responsible for the escalation.

Military clashes between pro-Russian rebels (backed by Russian military) and the Armed Forces of Ukraine began in the east of Ukraine in April 2014.

Ukraine recalled its ambassador to Russia in March 2014.

The complicated intergovernmental relations between the two countries have undergone periods of ties, tensions, and outright hostility since 1991.

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