Tyra banks dating undercover who is aj rafael dating

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Hey, Upper East Siders, ever wonder what happened to the scheming socialites and Gatsby-esque villains who seemed to always circle S and B?Well we know all their secrets, and we're totally here to tell.They say love is timeless, and on this season of The Bachelorette , Andi is definitely hoping that old adage is true.Andi wants to find her future husband out of her sea of suitors, and we can't help but believe she genuinely wants to fall in love with someone she can grow old with.Reality TV is no stranger to temporary body alterations for entertainment.Whether it's clothing, makeup, or even plastic surgery, several shows have used this technique to carry out a social experiment to make us laugh and also make us think.Oh, and it turned out Dorota also had one of the best secrets (on a show filled with big-stakes secrets) when it was revealed that she was a Polish princess who defected to America against her family's wishes. Now: Zuzanna (who has an acting MFA from Harvard) has since appeared on hot shows like , Leighton's real-life husband Adam Brody said that Zuzanna is still one of Leighton's best friends. Other than that, Zuzanna has been maintaining an excellent Instagram account, which mostly features her adorable rescue dog, Cindy.

Through it all, she proved herself to be impeccably loyal, capable, and selfless — she was Blair's true best friend.

But psych, that's just the first of her many schemes, from bedding Dan to finding Jesus to faking her baby's paternity.

She had a love/hate relationship with the GG inner circle, and her one-liners and stomach for ruthlessness were some of the show's best "OMG, is this bitch for real?! She ended her reign of terror after finally meeting her match, Chuck's skeevy uncle Jack.

preferring to focus her attention on her band, The Pretty Reckless.

Her character went on "indefinite hiatus" during the show's fourth season (as noted above), but did return for the grand finale.

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