Updating a fta viewsat ultra 2016

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With the addition of an antenna you could obtain some free transmissions without having to invest in a new satellite box.

You can also see North American FTA Channels lists HERE.

If you are looking to ‘cut the cord’ from subscription based TV services then a setting up an FTA satellite system could be a good solution, particularly if you only want very basic TV channels.

If you want more options, you could supplement the system with a streaming service like Amazon Prime and create a budget conscious hybrid system.

As well as an FTA Receiver, this system requires an FTA satellite dish, linear LNB and a satellite dish motor.

The motor is attached to the satellite dish and then connected to the receiver. With this setup, you give yourself access to any broadcast line up, maximizing your viewing experience.

Fortunately, with the move to digital (DVB) broadcasts the dish sizes have shrunk down to a more acceptable size and the FTA channels are now on the Ku band. under 1 meter diameter, they are still usually larger than subscription based dishes.

updating a fta viewsat ultra 2016-90

updating a fta viewsat ultra 2016-47

updating a fta viewsat ultra 2016-35

updating a fta viewsat ultra 2016-75

where to point the dish (You may need to invest in a satellite signal strength meter if setting this up yourself).

FEATURESThis is a complete FTA Satellite System, it includes the Viewsat Ultra Lite receiver with USB in the front and S-Video on the back.

Comes with a 76cm satellite dish for an excellent reception.

You can see our reviews for FTA systems & receivers below.

The unit supports more than 80,000 channels and features a Sunplus 1506 Processor, Full HD PVR, with 2 USB ports.

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