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However, when am specifying my page numbers, am not able to set them in a straight line at all, compared to the previous entry.I have pasted an image of part of the problem am facing: I am not able to align the numbers with space or tab as well, because somewhere the formatting seem to go wrong. Am facing a deadline, but this maybe really silly, still am not able to do it.Stack Exchange network consists of 171 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange is pressed or when the cells are clicked out of.Copy the contents of the spreadsheet to a new one, and deleted the old one (it wasn't a particularly important spreadsheet, thankfully), and everything was fine.I can only assume that somehow the file had become corrupted.I changed the setting as indicated above; but the auto-recalculate still did not work, and upon rechecking the "Calculation" option, found it had reset itself back to "Manual" all by itself.Three attempts later and it was still adamant it wanted to be "Manual" and nothing else.

To make some room for the TOC, insert a page break by clicking Insert Table of [email protected] Narayanan: I'm guessing you're creating the TOC manually. You do know you can just click the References tab and the Table of Contents button and Word will create on for you, all perfectly aligned and kept up to date automatically. The main advantage of an automatic TOC is that you do not need to worry about keeping it up to date so I think you may regret doing it manually in the end :-)@Lakshmi Narayanan: Right-click the style where it appears in the toolbar and choose Modify....The hierarchy of the entries are based on the styles you set, e.g. In the style editor that appears you can then change pretty much anything; this is the same dialog where you can set the Outline level setting I mentioned before that affects if and where the item will appear in a TOC.A table of contents (TOC) provides a quick reference point for your document, giving the reader a brief overview of where to find what content.When you insert a table of contents in Word 2010, Word searches through your document looking for items marked for use in the TOC.

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