Updating bios with a thumbdrive

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I built a PC for my brother in law 3 weeks aho using an Asus mobo with the same BIOS screen, that install I had a fresh HDD and a SSD and it allowed me to install windows without a problem to his SSD (again from a burned ISO disk). This has been really frustrating and at this point I am not sure if there is just something wrong with the Mobo or I am missing a tiny step in the process, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I forgot the BIOS password on my HP Probook 6560b laptop. I took this as a challenge though: “Oh goody, I get to kill my BIOS password! Sometimes the best hack is manufacturer support, lol.

” So I booted into UBCD and tried my favorite BIOS password murdering tools like cmospwd. Every time I would reboot out of the tool it would error out at a BIOS checksum error and not let me get into the BIOS. Apparently the TPM chip stores the password and can restore it to the CMOS if it sees that it is gone. The first time I contacted HP they said I needed to drive 2 hours to an authorized vendor who I could pay to flash the TPM. So I waited about 4 months and then contacted them again. This time the chat support rep had someone from “HP Complex Problem Resolution & Quality” email me some cool instructions.

It would then force a reboot at which time it would restore the BIOS password. As I say, sometimes the best hack comes from the manufacturer. Below are instructions to clear the TPM and reset the BIOS, with my added juicy detail. I didn't get all crazy and port scan 'em or anything but it's pretty funny that what looks like an internal domain name, internal username and two possibly internally accessed public IPs made it into this 807 byte file. Doing some googling based on that username of KNadeem did show some interesting results, including a few possible matches of former/current HP employees on Linked In.

I have gone into Diskpart and created the partition and set it to active and again tried to reinstall and get the same message I have followed some Windows forums post ( regarding a clean install on SSD which says to create a NTFS format partition in Diskpart but when I attempt to format the SSD in Diskpart I receive an I/O device error.This, though, is not the case in one central Dublin bar on a recent Wednesday night.Robbins, who has two daughters, separated in 2000 and registered with in 2010.This article gives you step by step instructions on how to create a new Windows XP CD from your existing CD plus add in the vital SATA driver that Windows setup so badly desires. Yesterday I attempted to install a few new components in my computer and have been having issues installing windows New components Asus M5A97 Mobo AMD Phenom X4 965 3.4 Ghtz Samsung 830 128gig SSDIn the system I have my previous working Samsung DVD drive500v power supply Radeon HD 6850 graphics card I do not currently have my 1tb Samsung drive connected I have the SSD hooked up in the first 6b/s SATA port and the Dv D drive in port 2.

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