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I want to keep the mirrors, because those are the most used mirrors in the house. While seaching the web for inspiration, I found plenty.I’ve included all closet door ideas, not just mirrored. I would need very thin trim to pull off this look because my doors slide over one another.I found some really strong blue ticking stripe paper from Home Goods for , and I had more than enough to do the four dividers and line all of the drawer bottoms for a touch of playfulness! I like to keep a couple of grade appropriate workbooks at his desk so he has something to do on weeknights when no homework is assigned, and during the summer months. Another drawer for his creative items and journals. I sprinkle craft supplies all over the house to encourage their creative side whenever possible.It's a risk I take, the boys are older and with some research, almost all craft supply products can be cleaned up if an accident happens. And I also added a small textured lamp which was a great small size for his desk and made it feel a little more comfortable. After installing his fantastic new system, we weren't sure we would want to add doors to conceal all of the wonderful storage.But ultimately I decided it would really clean up the room visually and sometimes it is just nice to conceal away everyday clutter, even if it is organized in a lovely way.(Excuse the weird thing my camera/lens has been doing with making things look like they are bowing out, our trim and doors are actually quite straight).I also had picked up a set of storage drawers because his desktop was always cluttered with all of his papers and collections and supplies...it made it nearly impossible to actually do his homework with everything that was always piling up there.

To install everything on the right side, we pulled everything out of the left.

I was going to detail out the installation process, but we ended up following all of the exact steps we took when we did our coat closet doors. This time I purchased these primed doors special order from a local home improvement store.

We split the bi-folds and gave them a couple coats of white paint.

Last year at the beginning of the school year, we decided it was time to give all three boys their own bedrooms.

Although our youngest two will always be the bestest of friends, I think they are enjoying the process of putting their personal stamps on their rooms, and appreciating their privacy and quiet time.

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