Updating firefox linux

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Download: Auto Unload Tab for Mozilla Firefox 48 (Free)Firefox can sometimes run slow even on machines with excellent hardware.That’s usually because the browser is being conservative in how to improve your performance.Specifically, it will remove all add-ons and customizations, and restore browser settings to defaults. Smartly, while all the performance and settings revert to default, Firefox saves your personal information, including bookmarks, history, passwords, cookies, auto-fill information, and your dictionary.So it’s like a new Firefox with all your data already loaded. Former Firefox developer Robert O’Callahan says that your antivirus is why Firefox is running slow. In a blog post, he explained how the antivirus affects performance and even slows down updates.Meanwhile, browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Safari seem to launch immediately.Here’s what you can do to make Firefox boot faster., but Firefox can also do that after many years of usage.In such a scenario, first try restarting Firefox in Safe Mode.This will make Firefox run without any add-ons or plugins.

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But the more you use it, the slower it seems to get.

But you can open up the hood and give that a boost.

Content Process Limit is a function of Firefox’s new Electrolysis or multi-process architecture.

New version of Firefox web browser loads certain plugins in a separate process (plugin-container.exe) to provide you uninterrupted browsing even when certain plugins stops working.

But the problem is, may use a lot of memory and slow down your computer.

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