Updating of a fixed capital Qartuli onlainchati

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What You Do Q: OK, so you made it past these random interview questions and now you’re working in DCM. Then, those 2 groups leave and syndication and DCM stay behind to discuss possible and pending deals – this is inside information and so the traders and sales force must leave at this point.

At some banks, a compliance officer monitors this meeting to make sure nothing inappropriate gets out.

So we might get tasked with pulling credit rating reports for clients and interfacing with the lawyers and sales force on a deal.

If we’re not launching any deals that day, it’s much quieter. ” A: On those days, we’re mostly working on market update presentations and sending updated slides to IB and ECM.

By 8, we’re finished with the meetings and we spend most of the next hour catching up on the news, seeing what happened overnight, and monitoring what traders in other offices are doing.

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Bankers tend to understand equity much better than debt, and on a technical level there is not as much to know – so you won’t get such questions as much in ECM interviews. Between 7 AM and 9 AM, most of the team meetings occur and DCM sits in with the sales force and traders to learn what’s going on in the market that day.

A: I graduated from a Canadian university that was among the top tier for IB recruiting in Canada.

Ironically, my school was one of the few that had active recruitment from bulge bracket banks in New York but was maybe only 3rd or 4th in terms of placement in Canada.

Ideally, you can find out from HR which area each interviewer works in – if you’re speaking with traders, make sure you know something about their trading products.

Q: That sounds pretty random – I don’t think people get those types of questions in ECM interviews.

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