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I don't think that you are using diplomatically words such as: unfortunately it has not brought the affect what people thought....or, for this particular problem it was not suitable.All what we have is people looking for quick money making.These are be called: Rib-off-people, or con men and than if you are warning others, they blame you!Lipoma is a fatty area on the body which mostly has the background from eating, drinking or less excerises and can be reduced again by more activity and diet.Lipom-Tumor is analysed as a skin swelling on body partys in a single formation and can have the size from 0.5 cm to 30 cm may be large, and create different symptoms, depending of the type of 20 which we know today.Klaus Klaus - with all respect - I would like to hear another opinion about the effectiveness of collagenase before judging it as "not working".

Maybe they don't have the slightest idea of what lipoma is. You do believe that the company means that they are talking about Lipoma-Tumor, which they can't, because human fat (lipomas) have nothing to do with Lipoma-Tumors. Eleven of the twelve subjectscompleted the follow up scheduled for the trial.If a product or a practise are declared it would help for this and this symptom and it doesn't really brought the results what is that than?Klaus_________________Hi I'm Matt - the creator and owner of this site. I've tried many treatments including surgery and Lipostabil injections.See my lipoma prevention supplement recommendations and please consider donating a small amount via Pay Pal (click the Donate button) to keep this site up and running. Hi Matt,why you are so sensitive if a product doesn't promise what it is saying?We have only two options in real terms: Yes or not!

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