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i would be happy to supply on of the original umd disks for this purpose, what do ya think? – by bryantthere is no downgrader for fw 2.7 the only think you can do is sell your psp or buy another one thats what i did but now i hardly play my psp but i always played my 2.7 psp when i had it i dunno now i think im gettin alittle to old for it plus my gf keeps b****in at me because i played it to much so i dunno but there is no downgrader for it so aint much to look forward too but whatever you do dont upgrade keep 2.7 someday they will hack it and you will be able to downgrade everyone keeps upgrading if you want a downgrader then stop upgrading you wont get no downgrader if you keep upgrading pointless so do not upgrade unless you dont care you just wanna play the sony games – by bryantdam i just upgraded to the 2.7 version because my friend got that version. well be sure to keep you informed with more news on this as we get it.

but now i want to get the “psp blender” @ pspblender.com/ does this fw work with pspblender the unlimited full game download. this is pure speculation it may be a hoax – it may not. what if it works just like a computer os system, the conventional type? if it is why not backing up the data and reformatting? and if it is, please make sure it isnt any paypal or credit card thing just to make money make sure its free.

i dont want to upgrade i have 2.5tuesday, june 6th 2006 @ pmposted by anonymous:if above post work.speculation.-have 2.7 and lower firmware-upgrade to 2.71 but hex edit so psp thinks psp is 1.0 speculation!

kids these days i swear – by bryantincase you haven't noticed when you buy a new psp the firmaware is 2.7 you don't upgrade your justgiven that firmware and people who do upgrade usually do it before they even know about homebrew – by jakei have noticed that when you buy it the fw is 2.70 or 2.71…just buy a used one thats what i did and i have 1.5…ive done everything i can do to it but now i think i might sell it on ebay because im getting bored with the whole psp scene..so maybe a update from 2.7 to 2.71 hexedit so psp thinks its 1.0 after upgrading to 2.71 `than we can upgrade again to 1.5:-?[confused][crazy]tuesday, june 6th 2006 @ p – by dreamerdreams can come treu!!!! works for my 2.5 1004 psp and now a happy 1.5 owner!!!the second is on an official loco roco demo umd which was shipped along with a game i purchased, this umd contains a v2.6 update???, and lastly the v2.71 downloaded version of loco roco, i updated to my psp to v2.7(doh! the point is that both umd versions work on my psp but obviously the v2.71 will not?

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