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-h, --help help for server --i18n-warnings print missing translations --ignore Cache ignores the cache directory -l, --layout Dir string filesystem path to layout directory --live Reload Port int port for live reloading (i.e.

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‘hugo server’ will avoid writing the rendered and served content to disk, preferring to store it in memory.

If you want to run tests on your element or app project, helps with identifying issues across your HTML, JS, and CSS based on an in-depth analysis of web components in source code.

It does not reinvent the wheel though, it focuses on issues specific to web components and Polymer, so it is a good adjunct to other tools like Generates a production-ready build of your app.

To customize your service worker, create a file in your project directory that exports your configuration.

See the sw-precache README for a list of all supported options.

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