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Lately it seems that almost all cases in Excel 2003 are fixed using the Help menu’s Detect and Repair command, so this is my first step in treating the malady.

Excel 2007 has a similar command deep under the Office Orb (Excel Options Diagnose).

At least one Microsoft Knowledge Base article discusses this error in the context of Excel.

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I’ve generally followed a brute force approach until recently.It seems to be related to our old friend, the Ref Edit control.If a workbook or add-in has a User Form with a Ref Edit, this error may occur.If the Ref Edit control had been present on the Controls Toolbox, its place may be taken by a gray square with a tooltip of “Unknown”.Interestingly enough, the Ref Edit library is present on the machine, in the Microsoft Office program directory. There have been some recent changes in the Ref Edit control, I believe on more than one occasion, but I have never documented the changes.

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