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For more information, see the “Use the Remote Connectivity Analyzer to test your MX record and Outbound connector” section in Test mail flow by validating your Office 365 connectors.

At this point, you’ve verified service delivery for a properly configured Outbound on-premises connector, and you’ve verified that your MX record is pointing to EOP.

Unseren Landgasthof gibt es schon seit über 30 Jahren.If you want to host some of your mailboxes on premises and some in the cloud, this is known as a Before configuring your mail to flow to and from the EOP service, we recommend adding your recipients to the service.There are several ways in which you can do this, as documented in Manage mail users in EOP.For more information, you can again reference Create DNS records for Office 365.Use the Remote Connectivity Analyzer to run a test that verifies your MX record.

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