Validating tickets

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To avoid problems, buy the type of ticket or pass that are most suitable for your visit and your budget, and remember to validate it. Fines are high (if caught travelling without a valid ticket or pass you’ll be fined to pay 16.000 HUF, 8.000 HUF if you pay it on the spot or within 2 days of being fined)It’s not worth ruining your stay with constant watching out for the inspectors.If you forgot to buy a ticket or validate it, and you’re fined the ticket inspector must give you a receipt about the payment.

Do we punch our supplement tickets/reservations in the yellow machines I've read about?

Use public transport services to travel in Budapest, especially if you stay in one of the outer districts, but getting around the central districts (V., VI., parts of I., II., VII.

and VIII.) might also be more convenient by public transportation.

Budapest has a fairly extensive and efficient public transport system.

It is also cheaper than in most Western European cities. Pupils, students can buy discount monthly/yearly passes with a valid student ID card. Families visiting Budapest with kids can buy a 72-Hour Junior Card for children 6 -18 years old.

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