Validating xml with dtd in java

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i pass xml file and dtd filename as input parameters which are in a system.

thanks in advance Anish, you already asked this question a few days back and also got an answer here If you have any related further questions, please continue the discussion in that other thread.

A Document Type Definition (DTD) defines which elements and attributes you can use inside an XML document.

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JDK 1.5 users will need to include the following: Next, let's suppose we want to read records into the following Java bean for further processing.

Recently I had the problem of validating XHTML file using DTD schema and Java.

As for DTD validation to find little on the Internet, I would like to explain briefly how this is possible by simply using Java resources. An external component has delivered a XHTML file, which should have been “xhtml1-strict” according to the W3C schema definition.

If the stream layout does not strictly enforce record sequencing, further reads from the input stream are likely to be successful.

Record level error messages are retrieved using the following prioritized list of keys.

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