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, a feature-length documentary project about the late actor, which is launching a campaign to raise money for its completion. “Our last experience with it was very difficult and lonely, we felt we had a lot of questions,” Whitfield’s manager Sam Maydew recalls the actor and his wife telling him back then.

Facing another round of treatments, Whitfield and his wife decided to have it all documented.

It was gruelling training as he had to bulk up to give him the necessary screen presence, as well as the physical ability to carry out the amazingly realistic fight scenes.

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But, on the cusp of fame, he began to feel an unusual pain.

Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Spartacus now had the biggest fight for his life on his hands.

As I watched Be Here Now and Andy’s humility and humanity as he went through all the different stages of treatment, I was in awe.

That give you an idea of the kind of guy Andy was: dedicated, focused, targeted, selfless and passionate.

The first series of Spartacus was a roaring success. He now had a hit on his hands, some money coming in at last and a five-season deal.

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