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To be specific I have extended TPanel and am filling a TScroll Box with dynamically created Panels, setting each to a specific color. Create(AOwner: TComponent); begin inherited; o Caption Label := TLabel. Your Style hook has not effect in the paint process because The TPanel doesn't use a style hook to draw the control, try the answer to this question How i can change the color of a TPanel with the Vcl Styles enabled? I thought the purpose of the hook in this case was to ignore the application of the style so I could use the default properties instead.

I also use the API to suspend redraws on the Scroll Box during the creation process. Create(Self); with o Caption Label do begin Caption := 'Caption'; Top := 0; Left := 0; Align := al Top; Word Wrap := True; Parent := Self; end; end; procedure TInfluence Panel.

Update Colors; var LStyle: TCustom Style Services; begin if Control. WParam, Color To RGB(Font Color)); Set Bk Color(Message. Create(Scroll Box1); with o Panel do begin Align := al Left; Left := i Last Position; Width := 90; Parent := Scroll Box1; Color := RGB(200,100,i Panel*10); Label Caption := 'My Panel ' Int To Str(i Panel); Margins. LBase Top Color := cl Btn Highlight; LBase Bottom Color := cl Btn Shadow; LStyle := Style Services; if LStyle. Enabled and (cs Parent Background in Control Style)) then Frame3D(Canvas, Rect, LBase Color, LBase Color, Border Width) else Inflate Rect(Rect, -Integer(Border Width), -Integer(Border Width)); if Bevel Inner bv None then begin Adjust Colors(Bevel Inner); Frame3D(Canvas, Rect, Top Color, Bottom Color, Bevel Width); end; with Canvas do begin if not LStyle. Color := LBase Color; Fill Rect(Rect); end; if Show Caption and (Caption '') then begin Brush. Font; Flags := DT_EXPANDTABS or DT_SINGLELINE or Vertical Alignments[Vertical Alignment] or Alignments[Alignment]; Flags := Draw Text Bi Di Mode Flags(Flags); if LStyle. Get Element Details(tp Panel Background); if not LStyle.

It is at the TWin Control level that the window handle is introduced.

Both standard controls and custom controls which are windowed and are therefore descendants of TWin Control.

Since all classes descend from TObject, every class inherits the methods which are defined by TObject. For example, every class can tell you its name, its type, and even it's ancestry.

TObject's definition comes from the SYSTEM unit and is defined as: Type TObject = class constructor Create; destructor Destroy; virtual; procedure Free; class function New Instance: TObject; virtual; procedure Free Instance; virtual; class procedure Init Instance(Instance: Pointer): TObject; function Class Type: TClass; class function Class Name: string; class function Class Parent: TClass; class function Class Info: Pointer; class function Instance Size: Word; class function Inherits From(AClass: TClass): Boolean; procedure Default Handler(var Message); virtual; procedure Dispatch(var Message); class function Method Address(const Name: string): Pointer; class function Method Name(Address: Pointer): string; function Field Address(const Name: string): Pointer; end; These methods are documented in Delphi 2.0's online help.

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