Vegatarian dating site

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You might meet a vegetarian who doesn’t eat dairy but eats eggs, or a vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs or dairy but still wears a leather belt.

Veganism, however, is clearly defined: no eating animal flesh, no using products tested on animals or wearing products derived from animals.

Extracting milk requires continuous torture for cows (heifers), and then there’s the fact that calves are torn from their mother the minute they are born.

Male calves are either used as breeding bulls or sold for veal.

A semi-vegetarian is considered to be a person who is cutting back on his or her intake of meat, but still eats meat when they feel like it (yawn).

So isn't a paleo vegan not just a very healthy vegan? A fair few branches have sprouted from the vegetarian tree over the years (I’ve waited ages to use that pun), giving vegans even more of a reason to distance themselves from the all-encompassing term “vegetarian” and claim “vegan” as an exclusive category of their own.

Note that the majority of sub-categories of vegetarianism exist solely to define a type of diet, seeking to exclude or include certain foods based on a perception of what’s “healthy” for the individual.

A lacto ovo vegetarian diet excludes meat and fish but includes dairy products and eggs.

This would be considered the standard vegetarian diet. This type of diet includes vegetables and dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ghee, cream, and kefir, but excludes eggs.

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