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And another thing that most men do, each time they see a sexy celebrity on the telly, all they want to do is go online and look for a few nude movie clips of that girl to see how she looks naked.

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No, somehow watching porn doesn’t seem to affect most men, unless they’re addicted to it and can’t live with it.

#Men are curious Every time a man sees an attractive and desirable woman, one of the first things he does is wonder how she looks beneath her clothes.

With so much curiosity, it’s easy to imagine why men can’t wait to see and learn about different women’s body parts.

It’s just one of his favorite pastimes when he’s feeling restless or bored.

[Read: How to fantasize about someone else with your mate] But will he ever compare you to a porn star he likes? Has he ever asked you to try something new or kinky in bed all of a sudden? But whether he compares you or not, a man’s mind is developed enough to realize that what he sees on his computer isn’t real, at least to him.

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