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True, we don’t get to see the resolution of each of the three court cases in question, but despite the final words from the judge (Emily Bergl, who had a small role in season 2) about making sure “justice is done,” it’s not what happens to Dustin, Raelyn, and Clair that matters at this point. The three dead people standing in the back of the room: Isaac, Shae, and Teo.

What we’re left to do after this finale is question whether or not it was worth it.Here we have the largest and best sex selection of free sex cam live videos for your., Live Sex, Chat Live girls rooms, live sex chat room Live sex chat community features gorgeous amateur models.She knows she’s done wrong, and she is willing to accept the punishment.Plus, this decision forces Nicholas to not only acknowledge Nicky as his son, but to take care of him for as long as Clair is in prison.

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