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In order to understand how human trafficking works and how it affects society, one ought to understand what it actually is.

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On 7 December 2005, Sanpaolo IMI signed the agreement for the acquisition of a stake of 80% in Banca Italo Albanese, from Capitalia and the Ministry of Finance (40% each).

One of the ways these countries are categorized is by their relationship to the trafficking epidemic; as countries of origin, transit countries, and destination countries.

Countries of origin are countries from which victims are taken; transit countries are countries through which victims are transported; destination countries are countries where victims of trafficking are intended to live and work.

We work to provide quality banking and financial services for our customers and activate ways to promote development in all the areas where we operate.

We encourage a style of growth that is attentive to sustainable results and the creation of a process based on trust deriving from customer and shareholder satisfaction, a sense of belonging on the part of our employees and close monitoring of the needs of local communities.

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