What age should you start dating at

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As the academic year gets under way and most schools gear up to accommodate the Government’s directive for Autumn 2014 – that every seven year old child should have lessons in a foreign language – I ask: why wait until seven?

I just turned nineteen, and I have never been on a date. Within a few years I think I will be ready, and the idea of dating with intentionality and gospel-fueled motives excites me.

Before you consider engaging your heart in a romantic relationship, are you confident in your identity as a child of God?

If you’re doubting that, now is not the time to tempt your heart toward idolatry.

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It’s because I’m waiting to date until I can marry, and I’m not ready yet.Our cultural narrative weaves an overwhelming expectation for teenagers to date frequently and intimately.There it is in our sitcoms and schools, in our commercials and magazines, on our smart phones and in our homes — one theme pounding its way into our psyches: .If conformity and expectation drives you to do anything, don’t do it, especially in dating.Other people’s desires or opinions may be the worst reason to go out with someone. And what’s more different than remaining joyfully single as a teenager? Where’s the outside protection from naïve heartbreak?

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