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the age of 16 was when Molko recieved his frist guitar, a Telecaster replica. in his late teens he went on to London to study Drama at Goldsmiths College.In October 2005, Molko's ex partner , Helena Berg, gave birth to his first child, Cody.Fluent in French due to his upbringing in Luxembourg, Molko has written and sung a few of Placebo's songs in French as well as English.He has also occasionally worked as a disc jockey at clubs.Brian Molko' was born to an American father and a scottish mother, both of whom can be seen in the video for Pure Morning.Molkos family relocated to many diferent locations during his childhood such as Scotland, Luxembourg, Liberia and Lebannon, but he refers to where he "grew up" as being his mothers home town of Dundee in Scotland.Puisque c'est une fête d'anniversaire, on va danser ! Plus qu’une chanson festive, un symbole fort : Kate Bush est l'une des artistes les plus insaisissables de l'histoire de la musique, imprévisible.

Molko grew up in a strict household wich disaproved of artistic expression , he rebelled against this by wearing Nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick.

Brian Molko was born December 10th, 1972 in Brussels, Belgium.

He Is a professional musician and singer/songwriter and is best known for being the lead vocalist and guitarist of rock band Placebo.

‘Cuz I do Yeah, I do It’s how we fumbled and found each other in the dark While we’re constantly chasing our freedom to choose Do you doubt who you are When you’re told to shut up and consumed ‘Cuz I do Sometimes I’m not convinced that I’m even present in the room The title refers to Brian Molko, the lead singer of the British alt-rock band Placebo.

The verses borrow the melody from Placebo’s song “Nancy Boy,” one of the singles from the band’s 1996 debut self titled album.

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