Who is chef anne burrell dating

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She notes that when she comes back usually she has just enough time to unpack and pact different things again and has a little nap and that she is off the airport again and leaves Anne Burrell girlfriend alone again. When she is asked if she knows the place that their wedding is going to be taking place in she states that Anne Burrell girlfriend and Anne have a special place in Vieques, Puerto Rico but they have not decided if their marriage is going to take place there or somewhere else.

Even though this place is special for them both, because this was the first place that they visited together as a couple and also they got engaged her so this becomes like a tradition for them to continue the nicest things that happen in their life in this place.

Two great chefs in a house so who could have more influence in food.

During Q& A session, Anne Burrell opened that sometimes her partner Koren Grieveson has a better influence in cooking.

She also talked about Vieques, Puerto which holds special significance for her and Koren as the pair got engaged there.

Burrell publicly came out last May, after Ted Allen made a reference to her sexuality in a radio interview.

Koren Grieveson and Anne Burrel got engaged at the end of 2012 in Vieques, Puerto.

While everyone was celebrating New year, there was a different reason for celebration for Anne Burrel and Koren Grieveson.

Despite the closeness between them, practically, they are yet to take a wedding vow to be called husband and wife.

One thing is sure if there is a wedding or not the lesbian pair hold a relationship which isn’t any less than a married couple.

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