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When he demands she return to drive him home, she says she will break up with him unless he says something romantic.

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Amy points out that though Penny is unsure of her feelings for Leonard, subconsciously the thought of him with another woman bothers her. After finding an elementary school project of Sheldon's with Nobel potential, Alex visits him at home, again flirting with Leonard, whereupon Penny drags him to her apartment for sex.

"Unique camera angles and creative framing" were used to make the set look larger.

To simulate weightlessness, the production crew decided to use "long skinny platforms" to support the actors from below, rather than use tethers to suspend from above.

Stuart and Raj later visit a bar to meet women, reminiscent of Howard and Raj's friendship.

Elsewhere, on the ISS, Howard is bullied by co-astronauts Mike Massimino and Dimitri Rezinov.

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