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1947, s/w Sarah Gunn Carroll Carroll, Sarah Gunn, b.

, Alabama CPL CO F 397 Inf WWII, Bronze Star Medallion, Purple Heart Caylor, Jannie B., b. Caylor, Sr., Wed ,(slab) Caylor, Thomas D., Sr., b.

, s/w Eva Westgate Beebower Beebower, Eva Westgate, b. , s/w Albert Clinton Beebower Beeder, Barbara Sophia, d.

Benson, Born in Mobile, Al, Died in Lauderdale Springs, Ms.

, s/w Joseph Frasier Bowman, Bowman, Joseph Frasier, b.

, d., s/w Elmer Brewer Bridge, Laila Laine Peterson, b.

, Born in Geneva, Switzerland Chappell, Gertrude M., b.

, A member of CO C 18TH REGT Confederate States Army who died at Hall's Mill Ala, 16 yr 3 mt 5 dy Chestang, Ella V., b.

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Eastburn, Woodman of the World, Chaffen, Troy Frank, b. Crowe Cummings, Infant, no dates, dates illegible, c/o Patrick H. It is literally every man, woman, and child for his- or herself. , Born in Sunderland, England Bentley, Callie S., b. , d., s/w William Randolph Bonifay Bonifay, Mae Evans, b.

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