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Downtown, at the Palladium or the Arcadia, revelers could take in the American and Latin swing.

After almost two decades and "millions of dollars," Mr.To wander through this room – or almost any other part of the century-old Grand Prospect Hall at 263 Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn – is to be transported to a bygone era of dressing up and stepping out, of speak-easies and swank, of a time when the city was filled with spots to Lindy Hop or tango through the dawn of New Year’s Day.Once, before the juggernaut of television and movies, when bourgeois social life centered around dining, theater, sporting events and, of course, dancing, most respectable neighborhoods would have at least one elaborate building with rooms that could be rented for all of these functions.By 1981 Prospect Hall was almost entirely closed off, with barrels spread throughout the building catching rainwater, while a restaurant operation barely held on in the old beer hall on the ground floor.The building faced a deep gash made by the construction of Prospect Expressway in the 1950s, it was far from traditional Brooklyn centers and activity, and its future seemed grim.

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