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On February 10, "Dex" and a member called "DTA_Mike", posing as hotel front desk employees, called two separate guests at the Best Western in Shillington, Pennsylvania.Using the pretense of a ruptured gas line, the caller persuaded each guest to break a window and then throw the television out.

Prosecutors are seeking a six-year prison sentence for a Winnipeg man who directed the live-streamed sexual abuse of a five-year-old U. Jamieson "counselled the sexual abuse of a real, live little boy and was very much a party to [the abuse]," Crown attorney Katie Dojack told provincial court Judge Rocky Pollack at a day-long sentencing hearing earlier this month.

At Jamieson's direction, the other man molested the boy. "I wish we were neighbours," Jamieson told the man. "He goes everywhere with me." Questioned by police, Jamieson refused to disclose anything he knew about the other man or his whereabouts. "The IP address kept changing and was being scrambled, making it virtually impossible to track them down," Dojack said.

"I think everyone involved lost a lot of sleep over this child and trying to rescue him." In June, U. authorities tracked the man to Las Vegas where he was arrested and the boy was rescued.

This target was selected because the restaurant provided live video streaming of its dining area on their own website.

The victim at this restaurant was told that Prejean’s pork was tainted with the swine flu.

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