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Be prepared to face some endearing manipulation from this one to get what he wants, involving some pretty catchy songs.

There is something about this man you cannot put your finger on…a ‘diamond in the rough’.

This man often means well but can be a bit of an air-head and arrogant with it too.

However he’s also willing to admit he’s wrong and is open minded.

Be prepared for sudden acts of reckless diving such as in front of bullets or into a stormy ocean.

The origin of the arachnids (spider, mites and so on), a typical terrestrial animal group dating hack to the Early Devonian, from other chelicerate aquatic ancestors are complicated by the complete absence of fossil record.

In the past he’s had bad experiences of being shunned and will initially be reluctant to open up and be vulnerable.He has a kind and playful nature and loves nothing more than being active, particularly water sports.He is good with animals and also has a musical side to him.Here we report the first mite from the Early Ordovician of the island of Öland, Sweden.It may contribute to the suggestion of a more ancient and diverse scenario for arachnid evolution.

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