Yoon eun hye and daniel henney dating

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On the contrary, this is the best one for me,I rewatch it for 3 times.The writer tried best to let us easily catch the plot by flashing back the scene or explaining it in detail, I love it , thanks a lot ! All the main actors here not acting as good as their previous dramas .loving her since she was 10 as SJ declared while in prison not cos she was JW's girlfriend was a great twist ... as SJ had shown his love for her throughout the drama very well..Why is Ji-Ryoon lying to Black that he does not know anything about his father's will???I always wondered and confused why people like him before haha), Kim Kang Woo, Moon Chae Won, and Yoo In Young were pretty much excellent in their respective roles. story wise, direction, very good acting of all characters and how the story unfolds are all perfect! The story here is he has money but he didn't seek proper treatment .waited to die and revenge without a good outcome..grrrrrr..i wasted my tym watching this..it's like in uncontrollably fond.story..i knew that everyone of us may die but if you have money and fame chances to survive.higher compare to those who don't have .proper advice or any alternative... because i love this drama very much i started to recommend and actually they really love it. Then I followed his other dramas, I sense him a capable actor, he can be fun and serious,deep in his role, also he is good in choosing his project, I am always satisfied with the project he chose... I have a hard time keeping up with all the characters in the show and who belongs to who.They are worth much more than what the script given them which is a waste since they are capable of much more. an action, suspense, mystery, drama, comedy and lots of romance in one were all here that makes this kdrama so perfect for me.. he sincerely shows his sadness, hatred and love convincingly... the last time i have this feel is in kill ne,heal me and now goodbye mr black.. This site helps a lot as you can see the actors and who they are portraying. First time I saw Lee Jin-Wook, such a best drama !! Thank u goodbye mr.black ^^ you guys make me cannot move on T.Black, but after finished watching it, I change my mind and now becoming his big fan already ^_- For whom you have not yet watched GBMB, totally recommend it !!It is one of the best from MBC! I have been watching this for 2nd time, and still enjoy it a lot, this drama has its revenge, mellow parts, romance, thrilling, it is sooo complete, I watched it for the 1st time in its original country South Korea, now rerun it again in my homeland,,, the part that I loved the most of this drama is its romance between Black n Swan, also between Sun Jae and Mari. the sparkle is there and the chemistry is daebak ...Also love the comedy scenes by Meutong , so funny, he is Black's 1st wife :-) Overall, this drama really win my heart , tq MBC, love you all *_* Love the casts specially LJW, MCW,and the character of Mutong, Ji Ryun, Ji Soo, Ma Ri,including the villain casts too, all doing great... This drama isn't really based on military unlike dots. Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won did an outstanding job ...

The Korean shows always seem to have a similar theme. I have never seen any couple with such a chemistry, and I must admit the kiss scenes was the best in all Korean dramas!It was kind of real kiss, so much feels in it !I will miss this drama ...But I dont think I will check anything else that come out from the same writer ever again unfortunately. Superb lead performances by Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chat won. the lead actress kim swan is beautifully strong giving out unconditional love.. her line " one sided love is still love " during scene in jail with black made me cry a lot... Maybe I saw him earlier in the show, or some where along the line, but sometimes I have trouble remembering who is who, as their names at times are so similar. Apart from that, I think every casts did very well.Cute Woo-Jin (Song Jae-Rim) lost the girl he liked. Two of my favorites are Two Weeks and Inspiring Generation. I am not being bias, but whoever work with LJW always do well.As usual, the politic and business part were handled really poorly and the characters are not written properly and they sometimes did questionable things that make you question their motives and feelings.I was really disappointed with how Seu Wan was written -- from her personality, to her decisions, to her hair to her clothes, she looked the most terrible out of all the characters.

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