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Many references to economic problems such as food supplies, the production of herbicides and the purification of drinking water.

A Quekett Microscopical Club publication compiled by M J Newstead in 1994. although not all the chemicals referred to could be obtained legally these days!

Condition good A definitive account of the pathology of disease from 1951.

This covers laboratory testing procedures and their significance in diagnosis.

Written by Baker -This is an excellent book published jointly by Watson and Baker at the time when they were both competitors but both leading in the development of the British microscope market.

The modern definitive index for foraminifera by J R Haynes.

Prior to this publication the previous book about foraminifera was published in 1902.

The dust cover has lost its spine but apart from that it is in good condition.

This is one of the Teach Yourself Series of technology books.

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